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Webinar & Podcast Resources
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e-Learning in Challenging Times:  5 Ways to Support Students with Complex Support Needs
Presenter:  Dr. Paula Kluth
Date:  April 13, 2020

In these unique times, everything about this new version of "virtual learning" is new to us. Teachers are scrambling to figure out appropriate platforms to use in virtual learning and exploring what type of instruction and assessments will work for their students. Learners in the classroom may have support needs that are very complex or unique, therefore, the struggles go beyond issues of instruction and assessment.
In this webinar, Dr. Paula Kluth will address these new challenges teachers and families are facing in the age of e-learning. She will provide five recommendations for making the most out of the virtual classroom. The session includes recommendations for working with families, ideas collaborating with paraprofessionals, and suggestions for connecting learning objectives to activities completed at home.

Resources         Webinar          Webinar available until April 30,2020        

Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud Podcasts
Presenter:  Steve Barkley
Date:  Various
Newsletter - Edition 1
Newsletter - Edition 2

In light of the COVID-19 panademic and its effect on education, Steve Barkley has created a new podcast series called Parent Well-Being and Student Learning During School Closures.  

Podcasts for Parents:

..for more Podcasts visit Steve Barkleys website